What is Mstdfr?

Based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Mstdfr Network is the country’s first podcast network. “What is a podcast?” you may ask. A podcast is an on-demand internet radio platform. You download an episode to your smartphone and listen to it where ever and whenever you want.

The Mstdfr Network aims to be the best platform for independent Middle-Eastern podcasters to share their content and get their voices heard. With Mstdfr, you’ll find talk shows on business, culture, entertainment, science, and much more. You’ll hear captivating stories and meet fascinating people from the region. And you’ll be enthralled by the variety of topics presented.

The Mstdfr Network started when Ammar Sabban and Rami Taibah decided they wanted to have their own talk show style podcast; and The Mstdfr Show was born. As time went on, The LPQ joined forces with The Mstdfr Show, and they became the first members of The Mstdfr Network. With new shows such as ILM.FM, AZZBDA, Almusalsalat and others, the Mstdfr Network continues to grow with a variety of topics that are sure to fascinate and entertain.