The Mstdfr Show

Mstdfr (Arabic: مستدفر) is a Middle Eastern geeky podcast spoken in "Arablish". Every week, Ammar and Rami host different regional guests to talk about various topics including: current affairs, culture, technology, media, challenges facing the new Arab generation, and everything in between.

Hosted by المسثضيف Ammar Sabban
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This episode we host Ali Kamakhi and talk about his upcoming business podcast and the motivation behind it. We then explore why the Arab world doesn’t have a lot of business cases compared to the western world. We also talk about TED talks in Saudi Arabia vs. other countries, the lean startup methodology, the consulting business, and a lot more. Check out Ali’s new podcast mentioned in the episode at Business Box!


Among the usual random conversations, today has emphasis on 3D Printing! You see those two figurines in the episode photo (available on Soundcloud or Instagram)? Those are 3D printed statues created by scanning the subjects in 5 minutes. And that, according to Hashim Al-Zain, is the simplest of things he can make. We talk science, startups, and everything in between and unrelated.


This episode we host Hassan Al-Bargi. We talk about police officers in Saudi Arabia, card trading games like Magic The Gathering, World of Warcraft, and Juventus soccer club. Then we try to answer the hypothetical question: How will the world be different if it was a matriarchy? We wrap up with a poem Hassan wrote for Mstdfr.


This episode we host Omar Hussein. We try to spell out the sound of lightsabre, discuss the left-brain vs. right-brain myth, Omar’s latest projects Al-Noghair and his personal vlog, Arab trolls and the Saudi twittersphere, Mark Zuckerberg’s new charity, Justin Timberlake vs. Justin Beiber, and much much more.


Superheroes time! We talk the origin of the Spiderman colors, why we as people relate to super heroes, the Hulk’s/Bruce Banner psychological issues, Vash the Stampede, and much much more. Check it out.


We geek Star Wars today! We discuss the best order to watch the movies, the infamous Darth Vader misquote, why did Luke kiss his sister, how sci-fi feeds into technological advancement, The Force Awakens Trailer, and much more. Of course: SPOILERS ALERT!


We host Majid Al-Reefi a sports fan and an american football die-hard. We discuss what makes sports exciting, the role it played in former Yugoslavia politics, the rules and history of american football, refereeing in soccer, american football, and tennis, injuries and concussions, sports in Saudi Arabia, and a lot more.


Nour Fetyani, Jeddah’s pre-eminent tree hugger, joins us on MSTDFR to talk to us about Mother Earth. We talk about the journey toward, and the struggle for, environmentalism in Saudi Arabia. We appreciate the balance of nature and talk about the need to protect that balance. And we discuss the the quality of our food and where it comes from.


In this episode we explore the interesting success story of Lomar thobes with it’s founder Loai Nasseem. No success story is complete without failures. Loai tells us his failures that led to the success of Lomar.

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