The Mstdfr Show

Mstdfr (Arabic: مستدفر) is a Middle Eastern geeky podcast spoken in "Arablish". Every week, Ammar and Rami host different regional guests to talk about various topics including: current affairs, culture, technology, media, challenges facing the new Arab generation, and everything in between.

Hosted by المسثضيف Ammar Sabban
  • Tudi

    For the Flash: The speed force is an extradimensional energy source for the speedsters in the DC universe and it gives many powers aside from super speed that include lending speed, healing, phasing through solid objects, time travel, and protection from the effects of super speed.

    In regards to Superman, there are many explanations to why people don’t recognize that he and Clark Kent are the same person. Clark Kent wears glasses. If Clark Kent took off his glasses, he couldn’t see. Superman doesn’t wear glasses. Superman can see. Therefore, Clark Kent is not Superman.

    Another explanation is Superman vibrates his molecules so that his face always looks blurry. Back in the 80s Lex Luthor found out his identity but refused to believe why the most powerful man on earth would lower himself to be week and mild mannered. When he is Clark Kent he changes his voice, mannerisms, slouches, wears loose fitting clothes.

  • Tudi

    Rami: downloading the whole internet is a super power Freakazoid has.

    • I didn’t know that. Hell I don’t know who Freakazoid is!