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Mstdfr (Arabic: مستدفر) is a Middle Eastern geeky podcast spoken in "Arablish". Every week, Ammar and Rami host different regional guests to talk about various topics including: current affairs, culture, technology, media, challenges facing the new Arab generation, and everything in between.

Hosted by المذيعين


The Hosts Awaken

We geek Star Wars today! We discuss the best order to watch the movies, the infamous Darth Vader misquote, why did Luke kiss his sister, how sci-fi feeds into technological advancement, The Force Awakens Trailer, and much more.


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Ammar mentioned that the lie detector was inspired by Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. This is untrue. However the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulten Marston worked on systolic blood-pressure tests as a graduate student in Harvard. Read more about the relationship between the polygraph and Wonder Woman’s Lasso here.


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