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A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste.
Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! New episode every Saturday.

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Top 5 Games for Non-Gamers

Guest: Omar Abduljawad: We get a new guest stolen from Ch.2 Podcast. Twitter Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Show Links: Coming soon Get in touch with The LPQ team: Comment on Mstdfr  |  Subscribe on Soundcloud  |  Follow on Twitter  |  Like on Facebook


Science Fiction & Fantasy in the Middle East

This week the LPQ takes the time to talk about science fiction and fantasy and their presence in the middle east. We talk about their presence as a genre, the impact they had on us growing up, the potential and proven significance of these genres on the development of society and the lack of locally produced content on a large scale that fits into either genre. To help flesh out that discussion as well we’ve brought on Yasser Bahjatt, Co-Author of the English version of Hwjn and author of Yaqteenya, two works locally produced and… Science Fiction & Fantasy in the Middle East


World of Warcraft: Legion

Horde and Alliance lay down their arms as Hakeem Jomah and Mohammed Abughazala discuss what they think of the latest World of Warcraft expansion now that the first half of it is good and done. We discuss the games strongest suit, its accessibility and the lack of necessity for infinite grinding and time consuming quests where one can just jump in and enjoy it for a few hours and have just as much of an advantage as hardcore players. We discuss PvP versus PvE and how that too doesn’t become a solid choice players have… World of Warcraft: Legion


Rick and Morty

Wabba Labba Dub Dub! Listen as the LPQ take apart season 1 and season 2 of the seminal Rick and Morty, created by Community showrunner Dan Harmon and cartoon legend Justin Roiland. The show’s themes of absurdism and its depiction of the hopelessness of the human condition albeit humorously are discussed as we talk about what we loved and what we didn’t love about the show. The team is joined by Abdullah Kurashi as he weighs his thoughts on why the show is appealing, both from a narrative perspective and from a visual one.  Guest:… Rick and Morty



The boys put on their cowboy hats, pay their 40k$ and delve into Westworld in this week’s episode. Dissecting the HBO heavy hitter and analyzing the philosophical narratives and conundrums behind the show. Westworld is the latest show from HBO starring some Hollywood behemoths Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins as seemingly opposing forces. One, a visionary who created a live action park simulating the old west and populated by AI hosts to entertain guests. The other, a mysterious man in black that looks to find the deeper meaning behind the park by any and all… Westworld


The Flash

The LPQ breaks from its norm of constructive criticism and just spends an entire episode showering something with love which should be strange enough, but we also have this happen while we are discussing a DC comics property. That property being the current ‘The Flash’ TV show that is airing on the CW network. We talk about what we like, what we love, what we adore about the show along with some minor points of improvement that we struggle to find on an individual level. We discuss the implications of the universe being built by… The Flash


Black Mirror

Tamim, Ahmed and Asmaa Mohurji talk about what has to be one of the best modern science fiction shows to have graced our television and computer screens. That show being Black Mirror, the once British television show and current Netflix series. We name our top three episodes, debate the concepts that we found most interesting in each, the actors we were most surprised to see and the episodes we found the least interesting. Oh, and lets not forget the world in which it would be the most horrible to live in from all the ones that… Black Mirror


IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai

This week is a bit of a change of pace, instead of talking about a thing, we talk about a place. Join Tamim, Ahmed and Rami as they take on IMG Worlds of Adventure, the newly opened theme park in Dubai. We talk about the rides, the feel of the park, the food and our experience as a whole from our first visit to the park from our last Dubai trip. Guests: Rami Boraie: Canadian-Egyptian comedian and ad man based out of Dubai. Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter… IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai


Doctor Strange – Spoilers… We’re not savages

Hakeem and Khayra enter the queue fresh off their Dubai trip to talk about the latest combatant entering the Marvel Cinematic ring, Doctor Strange! We discuss overall opinions of the film in general before delving deep and dissecting aspects of the films plot in comparison to the comic and how the characters translate from their inkbound kin to their big screen debut! From whitewashing, to origin stories, and how it all comes together! We talk about easter eggs that we’ve noticed amidst a world of others we probably didn’t. Try to figure out when along… Doctor Strange – Spoilers… We’re not savages

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