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A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste.
Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! New episode every Saturday.

Hosted by المسثضيف
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Iron Fist Episodes 1-3: First Look

It’s official folks! The LPQ just got legitimate. The wonderful folks at NetflixMENA decided to give us an exclusive look into the first 3 episodes! Hear our opinions, and how we argue that maybe, just maybe, the critics are being too harsh on the show. Caution: SPOILERS for the first 3 episodes! Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Abdulhakeem Jomah: Madayen Film | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Get in touch with The LPQ team: Comment on Mstdfr  |  Subscribe on Soundcloud  |  Follow on Twitter  |  Like… Iron Fist Episodes 1-3: First Look


Music and Geek Culture

Tamim and Hakeem along with their guest Nadia Dandachi tackle the topic of music & geek culture. We talk about what music means to us, what are some of favorite music experience both within geek culture and outside of it. We touch on 80’s theme songs for cartoons, classical music, classic songs from movies and television as well as some of the more remarkable concerts that we’ve attended. We also get a surprise guest in the form of Khayra Bundakji because we said some shit that she just had to address. Guests: Nadia Dandachi: Aspiring… Music and Geek Culture


Saudi Comic Con (Arabic) | سعودي كوميك كون

حلقتنا الثانية باللغة العربية ليست مجرد محادثة فارغة مثل الحلقة السابقة. المرة هذي نتكلم فيها عن حدث تاريخي في المملكة و بالأخص مدينتنا جدة، ألا و هي سعودي كوميك كون! لقطنا أربع من زوار الكون و قعدناهم لنتكلم على توقعاتهم قبل الحضور و انطباعاتهم عن هذا الكون السعودي مقارنة بالكونات العالمية! ضيوفنا يتكلموا عن بعض المواقف المضحكة (و موقف واحد بايخ مع الأمن!) و ايش الأماكن اللي أثارت اعجابهم واللي خابت آمالهم على مدى الايام الثلاث للفعالية! تحدثنا و شكرنا هيئة الترفيه على جهودها و دورها الهام والأساسي في التطوير الفكري لمجتمعنا و صورتنا على… Saudi Comic Con (Arabic) | سعودي كوميك كون


Saudi Comic Con (English)

Khayra joins the boys to discuss the inaugural Comic Con cherry popping of Saudi Arabia in the form of Saudi Comic Con! The queuees discuss first impressions and intial skepticisms around the event and how it would measure against more established conventions nearby such as the MEFCC both as a Convention and social event in Saudi Arabia. Also covered are the experiences of being an exhibitor at the convention, where MSTDFR Network heavy hitters took to the booth to meet fans and recruit prospective podcasters! Good vibes all around as Hakeem discusses his Cosplay experiences… Saudi Comic Con (English)



The boys talk about a game nobody ever believed was coming out! Final Fantasy XV. Joined by Tariq and Jada3, our local RPG enthusiasts, we tackle FFXV’s ambition to be a AAA game and whether or not it actually delivered or even saved the franchise from irrelevance. Guests: Ahmed Jadaa: Friend of the show and writer at the Mouse & Controller.  Instagram | Twitter Tariq Bukhari: Friend of the show and writer at the Mouse & Controller. Instagram |  Twitter Hosts: Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Get in touch with The LPQ team: Comment on Mstdfr  |  Subscribe on Soundcloud  |  Follow on Twitter  |  Like on Facebook


Women in Geek Culture Part 2

For Part 1: www.mstdfr.com/shows/lpq/lpq-6/ Raneen Bukhari and Khayra Bundakji step into the queue to discuss women in geek culture. We cover the term”Disney Princess”: What constitutes a Disney Princess? Is it necessary? And is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch technically a princess? We talk about the female tropes in video games, are they a necessary marketing evil at this juncture? Or can we do without the scantily clad and the impractical armors now? We delve into where it all began for the ladies, their various delvings into geek culture and their awakening to the difference between… Women in Geek Culture Part 2



The boys delve back into the origin of their namesake, MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas)! They discuss the origins of MOBAs and their first poking into the genre, talking about the improvements (and setbacks) of the genre’s evolution throughout the modern age. We tackle the age-long question: Which is better, DOTA (Death of the Ancients) or LoL (League of Legends)? Though you may think you know the answer, the in depth commentary invites legitimate comparison between the two in all fronts and how LoL might be the stronger modern MOBA. But with new competitors like… MOBA


Weird Anime

We are back again for another Anime episode! Ahmed is joined by repeat guests Deeko and Layal, and new guest Fatma BaAram, as they discuss the strangest anime they’ve ever seen. Caution: after listening to this episode, you’ll have dozens of anime you’ll want to see, then unsee. Guests: Layal Ashkan: Resident anime afficianado & guest of Women in Geek Culture episode. Twitter Fatma BaAram: Co-host of Azzbda podcast & anime fan. Twitter Abdullah “Deeko” Bogis: Instagram | Twitter Hosts: Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Anime Mentioned: Prison school Dead man wonderland Kero kero FLCL Pokémon Space Dandy Samurai… Weird Anime


LPQ in Arabic

The boys decide to host an entire episode, completely in Arabic. Joined by actor Khaled Yeslam, the Ahmed and Hakeem struggle to speak Arabic while Tamim schools us. We discuss language and how it affects us on a personal and psychological level and Hakeem and Ahmed talk about why they feel more comfortable speaking in English. Enjoy listening to our broken Arabic and let us know if you want more! Guest: Khaled Yeslam: Actor, opinion maker, human. Twitter | Instagram Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Abdulhakeem Jomah: Madayen Film | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Show Links: Mother’s Day Ad in Egypt Episode with… LPQ in Arabic

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