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Game Of Thrones Season 7: The Show Has Officially Jumped The Shark

A season that has a promising start and some high moments leading up to the fifth and sixth episodes of the season crashing head long into a large garbage fire. We talk about the 5th & 6th episodes and all the things that made no sense or entirely insulted our intelligence. Things like the Arya & Sansa tension, the magic teleportation dragons, the Night King that doesn’t attack sleeping enemies, random extras being magically added to the group so that no meaningful characters die, the lack of Theon Greyjoy, the emaciated Tyrion-Jamie conversation and so,… Game Of Thrones Season 7: The Show Has Officially Jumped The Shark


Our Different Selves: Gaming and Real World Personalities

For the first time in a while Hakeem, Tamim and Ahmed have found the time to show up to an episode all at the same time. What better way to celebrate than to go through some personality and psychological testing about themselves to find out if their gaming personalities and their real life personalities actually align or are they entirely different people. To that end we’ve brought on our resident psychologist in the making Amanh Fakieh to take us through both the Myer Briggs and Bartle’s Taxonomy personality tests and what the test results mean.… Our Different Selves: Gaming and Real World Personalities


Game of Thrones Season 7: Fire and Fury

The season begins to pick up after its slow start as expects and its fire, fury, blood and shit everywhere as we get into episodes three and four. Cersei is winning, but then Cersei is losing. Jon and his aunt Daenerys start to get along. Davos continues to suck at his job, Bran becomes the embodiment of the biggest fake enlightened asshole ever and Jamie decides that its time to turn Game of Thrones into jackass. All that and so much more as we take on these last two episodes that essentially are the equivalent… Game of Thrones Season 7: Fire and Fury



The boys (and Mojadidi) delve into the fantastical world of horror games and the evolution of the genre in this modern day . With the advancement of game genres we discuss what can be called a horror game and what can’t. Comparing walking simulators and pixelated nightmares to the classics of yesteryear and seeing if they hold up or even surpass them. Without spoilers we discuss the evolution of Resident Evil from survival horror to survival shooter and what we individually think of this gargantuan shift. Guests: Ahmed Jadaa: Friend of the show, gamer, and… Horror


Game of Thrones Season 7: Winter Is Finally Here

Winter is finally here and so are our reaction episodes to HBO’s Game Of Thrones. This episode as well as all the coming episodes about Game of Thrones are going to be full of spoilers so consider yourself warned. We discuss the first two episodes of the seventh season of Game of Thrones today. We leave no stone unturned as we discuss everything from Ed Sheeran to Hot Pie, from Cersei to John, from one eunuch to the other eunuch and some of their actions that made us pause for a second and think, wait,… Game of Thrones Season 7: Winter Is Finally Here


Mass Effect Andromeda

Get ready for an episode where we take apart the latest installment of the Mass Effect franchise. We have left no stone unturned with this game as we talk about quest design, gameplay mechanics, characters, narrative, the much hated facial animations and so much more. We also didn’t leave out how it compares to previous games in the franchise or other Bioware games either. Get ready for an episode that will hopefully get you to think a little bit beyond all the rage and hate this game is getting. Guests: Abdulmalik Zubailah: Host of Mstdfr… Mass Effect Andromeda



Is the Internet corrupting and devolving us as a species or is it the next step in our collective evolution? Join Mojadidi and Hakeem as they embark on a discussion to answer that very question. Joined by our favorite Mariam and Maryam, we attempt to dissect what is it about the Internet we should worry about and whether or not its existence is stunting the growth of the younger generations. CAUTION: We get serious, but not really. Guests: Mariam AlAbbas: Jeddah’s Fairy Godmother, Manager of Humming Tree (A Co-working space), Best Friend to All website:… Internet



Would you kindly listen to this episode where we discuss one of our favorite game franchises ever. Tamim and Mojadidi delve deep and soar high and leave no audiolog unturned. Joined by Abdullah Bundakji, man of many cartoon voices and Bassam Hariri, literally our favorite and possibly only fan, the team talks Bioshock. We try to appear intelligent and witty and use philosophical terms like Objectivism, American Exceptionalism and the like but fear not listeners, we’re still the dorks you know and love. Guests: Bassam Harriri: Potterhead, Penguin Enthusiast, LPQ Fanboy #1 @BassamSHariri Abdullah Bundakji:… Bioshock


Games That Make Us Ashamed To Be Gamers

This was hands down the most uncomfortable episode we have ever recorded and the one that caused us to suffer the most in terms of trying to even find people who wants to be included in it. Keeping it short, we didn’t find anyone but Mojadidi and Tamim soldiered on got it done. Because we had to, we had to let you into the underbelly of videogames and show you the worst things to ever come out of a medium that all three hosts of the LPQ love. We won’t be providing links to anything… Games That Make Us Ashamed To Be Gamers

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