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International Table Top Day

LPQ dorks it up again this week by dedicating an entire episode to the very important international holiday that is ‘International TableTop Day’. Tamim and Khayra take some time to bask in the success of what was ‘International TableTop Day Jeddah 2016’ which they co-organized as well as discuss their plans for the day this year and what might be happening on day in Jeddah. Mohammed also lets us know about his new boardgame which he invented that will be launching soon here in Saudi Arabia.

We also take the time to discuss our own history with tabletop games with our guests today as we relive our introduction to these types of games as well some local and regional games that we grew up playing. We discuss our favourite games, what type of tabletop gamers we are, our least favourite boardgames and touch on a few other topics as well.


Mohammed Hesham: Creator of Darahim the game and Host of the Ri7lat Darahim podcast. Instagram | Email

Duaa Balkhy: Hejaziah architectural graduate, artist, health enthusiast and animal lover. Twitter

Khayra Bundakji: Friend of the show, local geek and Mstdfr Network’s COO. khayrab.com | Twitter

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