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Favorite Foreign Films

Hakeem and Mojadidi are joined once again by Hisham Fageeh and Ahmed Jada’a as they discuss their favorite foreign films and why foreign films are considered a genre of their own.

Listen in as we go through different countries’ films and talk about what differentiates them from ‘normal’ Western cinema and the use of nomenclature in describing them as ‘foreign’ films and whether that’s a good thing for the industry or not.

Movies mentioned:

– Akira
– Nausicaa
– The Green Room
– Let The Right One in
– Old Boy
– Train to Busan
– Castaway on the Moon
– Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
– Lady Vengeance
– Microphone
– Cabaret
– Jacoubian Building
– Barakah meets Barakah
– Paradise Now
– Waltz with Bashir
– The Gatekeepers
– Omar
– The Act of Killing
– Irreversible
– Benny’s Video
– A Separation
– Leon: The Professional
– Deeb
– Run Lola Run
– The Intouchables
– Amelie
– Victoria


  • Ahmed Jadaa: Friend of the show and writer at the Mouse & Controller.  Instagram | Twitter
  • Hisham Fageeh: Stand up comedian, YouTube content maker, actor and all around good guy. Twitter


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