Our illustrious team!

Rami Taibah

Chief Technology Mstdfr

UX Designer, technologist. Founder of Studio 966 design agency & Currrva. 42% of his working day is spent on vim.

Shows: The MSTDFR Show, ILM FM

Ammar Sabban

Chief Creative Mstdfr

A freelance Puppeteer, Voice Actor, Screenplay Writer and Producer.  Played Grover & Cookie Monster on Iftah Ya Simsim.

Shows: The MSTDFR Show, Kartoon Karton, Taal Agollak

Faisal Alaseeri


Writer. Comic book nerd. Movie nerd. Seeker of wonderful stories in all shapes and sizes. Helped launch Uturn once upon a time.

Abdulhameed Sabban

EishBTSWI Co-host

A mild mannered physician by day and podcast host by night. Host of EishBTSWI, comic book aficionado and cartoonist.

Ashraf Faden

EishBTSWI Co-host

Diagnostic medical sonographer and public health professional by specialty. Photographer by passion. Always eager to learn and try something new and different.

Mohammed Hamadah

EishBTSWI Co-host

I am an MIS professional. I enjoy playing sports. Co-hosting in EishBTSWI is my new thing.

Rayan Karkadan

#Ramadhan_Challenge Podcast Host

مدرب رياضي سعودي وطبيب عام | Saudi Fitness Trainer and Physician | | Level 1 Trainer | مهووس بتحسنك! مؤسس | مؤسس ولاعب في

Khayra Bundakji

Azzbda Executive Producer

Digital Marketer by day, Personal Branding Consultant by noon, and Azzbda’s mom on weekends.

Fatma BaAram

Azzbda Co-Host

A multimedia producer, translator, and an occasional writer

Abdulmalik Zubailah

The Gaming Recess Host

I’m obsessed with stories and Video Games, so I wanna make both. I Write stories, mostly. but I’m also a co-organizer in .

Ali Kamakhi

Business Box Podcast Co-Host

Consultant and Business partner in different entities. Intrigued by different areas of business, especially Strategy and Entrepreneurship. It’s not all work though: I also enjoy fishing, CrossFit, and binge watching TV shows with the family.

Serene Feteih

The Coach Talk Co-Host

Serene Feteih is a Certified CPCC Life & Leadership Coach. A Global Soul. A Free Spirit. Traveler. Bookworm. Photographer. Student of Life.

Abdullah Al-Sabban

The Coach Talk Co-Host

Executive & Life Coach, Helping people have a balanced & fulfilled life by enabling them to live their dreams.