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A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste.
Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! New episode every Saturday.

Hosted by المسثضيف
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Entertainment Mediums: Why the things you like suck or don’t suck!

All three of the LPQ members are here for this one and the decide to get fancy and intellectual and debate the various strengths and weaknesses of various entertainment mediums. Also, we talk about our mothers, not intentionally. All three of us are sorry.


Uncivil War #TeamIronman vs. #TeamCap

The LPQ co-hosts magically find out that that one of them is correctly on #TeamIronman and that the other is incorrectly on #TeamCap. Are you on the side of fighting for the day that we can all go home, or are you just fighting for you right to keep fighting?


Daredevil: The World’s Most Handicapable Hero

Netflix shows kind of came out of nowhere as a new medium for shows and movies and the stream of original content being created is more than a bit impressive. Mojadidi and Hakeem take the time to discuss one of these shows in the form of Daredevil.


A Walking Dead to Remember (Boy, what a spoilers!)

Hakeem finally succumbs to the pressures of Tamim and watches ‘The Walking Dead’. Listen as they discuss all things Zombie. Learn what a zombie fetishist really sounds like.


Assassin’s Creed: Stabbing Our Way Through History

The first podcast episode without Hakeem. Tamim and Ahmed take the chance to discuss one of the longer and more established franchises in videogames: Assassin’s Creed… And rip it apart.


Political and Literal Puppets, Random Rants

With Tamim out of the fold, Ammar Sabban of MSTDFR and Afroott fame finds himself in the LPQ with the doctor. Random things are discussed, specific things are insulted.


The Farce Awakens (Spoilers, You Peon.)

Tamim’s back and after finally finding the time to watch ‘The Force Awakens’ the two hosts spend an entire episode ripping it apart from start to finish.


Aids, Insanity & Other Tales Of Being A Doctor In The Middle East

An episode filled with stories of the ups and downs of being a doctor in the Middle East. Tamim Kashgari was indisposed due to work for this episode and was replaced by friend of the show, Ahmed Al-Mojadidi.


Fallout 4 And Other Bethesda Rants (Spoilers, Obviously!)

The boys discuss Fallout 4, Bethesda, and 9/11 training tactics.

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