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A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste.
Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! New episode every Saturday.

Hosted by المسثضيف
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Mass Effect

This week’s episode recorded on N7 day tackles the Mass Effect trilogy. Which is one of the great videogame and science fiction franchises ever created. We discuss the character we met along the way, the choices we made both with hesitation & excitement, the overall narrative journey that we were taken on and how we felt about this entire experience. We also talk about the next game in the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda and how we feel about the game and our current expectations of it and the fears that we have going… Mass Effect


Luke Cage

We tackle the third combatant in the Marvel Netflix show roster, Luke Cage! Khayra Bundakji and Ahmed Jadaa enter the queue with Hakeem and Tameem to dissect every aspect of Netflix ‘s latest show. We dissect character development throughout the show, including the hits and misses along the way. We talk about the baddies of the show and how their progression affected the show and what it means for Marvels future. We talk powerful female leads and how the show may have irreparably damaged Nurse Claire. We talk Luke himself and how he works as… Luke Cage


Announcement: Mstdfr Network Listener Week

An announcement for all listeners. Summary: Cool stuff coming up. More about Listener Week at mstdfr.com/listenerweek Fill in the survey here or in Arabic here. Guest: Khayra Bundakji: Operations at Mstdfr Network and host of Azzbda Podcast. Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Show Links: The Mstdfr Network shows Special thanks to Areej Al-Hammadi for Ahmed’s kick-ass sprite in the new logo Get in touch with The LPQ team: Comment on Mstdfr  |  Subscribe on Soundcloud  |  Follow on Twitter  |  Like on Facebook



Listen as Ahmed Al Mojadidi and Tamim tackle the nostalgic subject of JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) alongside guests Ahmed Jada’a and Tariq Bokhari. Favourite RPGs are discussed, Tamim exposes us for nostalgic frauds who like a dying genre and we talk about whether FFXV (Final Fantasy 15) will usher in a renaissance and resurgence of JRPGS. Guest: Ahmed Jadaa: Friend of the show and writer at the Mouse & Controller.  Instagram | Twitter Tariq Bukhari: Friend of the show and writer at the Mouse & Controller. Instagram |  Twitter Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Ahmed… JRPGs


TV Shows We Hate

This week we have decided to alienate even more people by talking about some of the most popular shows on television like ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and by talk we completely tear apart and make fun of you for liking them. Its not entirely negative though, because we took the time to come up with some alternative recommendations for television that is actually entertaining to replace the shows that we do trash. Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Abdulhakeem Jomah:  Madayen Film | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Get in touch with… TV Shows We Hate



Mojadidi is still away saving babies in Africa so Tamim & Hakeem along with their guest Ahmed Jadaa take some time to talk about a genre of games exclusive to the PC master race: The MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). We talk about our history with the genre, our favorite games, how we got in, how we got out/if we got out, the addictive nature that is supposed to be present in such games and all the great and terrible experiences that came with it. Guest: Ahmed Jadaa: Friend of the show and… MMMMMMMMORPG


South Park

Tamim & Hakeem take us back to the old days on LPQ by doing a two man episode on South Park while Ahmed is away in a resort in Africa, we mean saving babies in Africa. This week we discuss the entirety of the South Park anthology from the first episode of the show ‘Cartman Gets An Anal Probe’ to the most recent game that will be coming out which is ‘The Fractured But Whole’. We talk about the characters we loved like Pip, the ones we hated like the Bus Driver, the ones we… South Park


Announcement: iTunes Feed Update

An announcement for listeners who enjoy LPQ on their Apple products (iPhone, iTunes, iEtc)! UPDATE: We’re back on iTunes here! Summary: If you do not find the latest LPQ episode in your app on Saturday, please simply subscribe like you did the first time. Thank you for your understanding! Guest: Khayra Bundakji: Operations at Mstdfr Network and host of Azzbda Podcast. Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat Hosts: Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Abdulhakeem Jomah: Madayen Film | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter Show Links: The LPQ Podcast on iTunes Syrian Lannister Special thanks to Areej Al-Hammadi… Announcement: iTunes Feed Update


Stranger Things

Ahmed and Tamim bring on guests to talk about the TV show “Stranger Things”. As usual, expect spoilers and fun banter. Guests: Fatima Husein: Mstdfr Network intern, filmmaker, writer, and Stranger Things superfan. Twitter Nessreen Idriss: Godmother of podcasts, host of former That Jeddah Podcast, and our mother hen. Twitter | Alterego Hosts: Ahmed Al-Mojadidi: Facebook | Twitter Tamim Kashgari: Instagram | Twitter Show Links: Coming soon. Get in touch with The LPQ team: Comment on Mstdfr  |  Subscribe on Soundcloud  |  Follow on Twitter  |  Like on Facebook

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