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Women in Geek Culture Part 2

For Part 1: www.mstdfr.com/shows/lpq/lpq-6/

Raneen Bukhari and Khayra Bundakji step into the queue to discuss women in geek culture.

We cover the term”Disney Princess”: What constitutes a Disney Princess? Is it necessary? And is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch technically a princess?

We talk about the female tropes in video games, are they a necessary marketing evil at this juncture? Or can we do without the scantily clad and the impractical armors now?

We delve into where it all began for the ladies, their various delvings into geek culture and their awakening to the difference between male and female representation in them and what they feel needs to be changed to level the playing field.

What makes a gamer? And what is a gamer girl? Your curiosities addressed in this episode of the LPQ!


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  • Raneen Bukhari: Geek. Art curator. All round beloved fan of LPQ. Instagram | Twitter


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