Low Priority Queue

A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste.
Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! New episode every Saturday.

Hosted by المسثضيف



The boys delve back into the origin of their namesake, MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas)!

They discuss the origins of MOBAs and their first poking into the genre, talking about the improvements (and setbacks) of the genre’s evolution throughout the modern age.

We tackle the age-long question: Which is better, DOTA (Death of the Ancients) or LoL (League of Legends)? Though you may think you know the answer, the in depth commentary invites legitimate comparison between the two in all fronts and how LoL might be the stronger modern MOBA. But with new competitors like Smite and bolstered classics like HoN on the rise, all we can do is wait and see!

Husam talks to us about his extreme fanboyism in the e-sports side of the isle. And how he watches matches (Both friendly and competitive) with the enthusiasm of any modern day sportsman and how he believes e-sports quickly gained legitimacy in the competitive sports arena!

The boys then tackle their favorite moments in LoL and DOTA 2, reminisce on excellent (And a lot, a LOT of sub par) plays; before ultimately deliver their killing blow on the conclusion of MOBAs.


Husam Al-Sayed: Former guest of Ch.2 Podcast. Twitter

Feras Kashgari: Co-host of House Zofi podcast.



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