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Science Fiction & Fantasy in the Middle East

This week the LPQ takes the time to talk about science fiction and fantasy and their presence in the middle east. We talk about their presence as a genre, the impact they had on us growing up, the potential and proven significance of these genres on the development of society and the lack of locally produced content on a large scale that fits into either genre.

To help flesh out that discussion as well we’ve brought on Yasser Bahjatt, Co-Author of the English version of Hwjn and author of Yaqteenya, two works locally produced and centered works of science fiction. We talk about the motivation behind producing these works, the struggle that manifested after they were published and the aftermath now that the dust has settled a bit.


  • Yasser Bahjatt: is a computer engineer, an eSports manager, a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of local science fiction content house Yatakhayaloon. Website | Instagram | Twitter


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