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World of Warcraft: Legion

Horde and Alliance lay down their arms as Hakeem Jomah and Mohammed Abughazala discuss what they think of the latest World of Warcraft expansion now that the first half of it is good and done.

We discuss the games strongest suit, its accessibility and the lack of necessity for infinite grinding and time consuming quests where one can just jump in and enjoy it for a few hours and have just as much of an advantage as hardcore players. We discuss PvP versus PvE and how that too doesn’t become a solid choice players have to make where they have to maximize one or the other.

We delve into the artifact weapons, the pros and cons of them and what we believe needs to be done in order to increase the fun factor involving them. We tackle the lore of the game and our theories regarding where it’s going and how it will end up. Finally, we touch up on our favorite expansions and whether or not this one is worth your time in comparison.


Mohammed Abughazala


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