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The boys put on their cowboy hats, pay their 40k$ and delve into Westworld in this week’s episode. Dissecting the HBO heavy hitter and analyzing the philosophical narratives and conundrums behind the show.

Westworld is the latest show from HBO starring some Hollywood behemoths Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins as seemingly opposing forces. One, a visionary who created a live action park simulating the old west and populated by AI hosts to entertain guests. The other, a mysterious man in black that looks to find the deeper meaning behind the park by any and all means.

One thing is for certain, all is not at all what it seems both above and beneath the surface of Westworld, and the internet is rampant with theories.

Channel 2’s Faisal Aseeri joins the boys and discuss their OWN theories on Westworld, the morality of AI sentience, the philosophies and methodologies of Ford versus Arnold despite them wanting the same thing ultimately, the parallel narratives of William and the Man in Black, and the epic climax to the show and where it can potentially be going.



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