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The Flash

The LPQ breaks from its norm of constructive criticism and just spends an entire episode showering something with love which should be strange enough, but we also have this happen while we are discussing a DC comics property.

That property being the current ‘The Flash’ TV show that is airing on the CW network. We talk about what we like, what we love, what we adore about the show along with some minor points of improvement that we struggle to find on an individual level. We discuss the implications of the universe being built by the DC comic television shows versus their movies, potential for tie ins and the greater connections between the various DC shows in the “Arrowverse”.

P.S. What kind of twat calls it the “Arrowverse” instead of the “Flashverse”


Asmaa Mohurji is a doctor, artisan, geek culture enthusiast, and member of the Azzbda team. Twitter


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