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Screw Martin Shkreli, The Dota 2 Frankfurt Major and Geeky Conventions in the GCC

Hakeem and Tamim are back once again. This week they discuss the evil that is Martin Shkreli, the new Dota 2 tournament coming up in Frankfurt as well as some of the local geeky conventions in the GCC. Just as a little hand guide, here is a list of their websites, don’t blame us for the quality of these websites:

1. IGN Convention Abu Dhabi: http://ignconvention.com/ad/.

2. MEFCC: http://www.mefcc.com/. 3. Gamers Day: http://www.gamersday.com/.

4. GCON: http://gcon-sa.com/. I (Tamim Kashgari), misspoke in this episode regarding GCON, I mindlessly called it a videogame tournament. GCON is actually a full on gaming convention that is a female only event that includes among other things videogame tournament, new game showcases and so on.

P.S. We really hope that Martin Shkreli gets AIDS.