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Steam introduces the Riyal, Digital Rights Management and Online Scams

Hakeem and Tamim discuss the roll out of the riyal on Steam and the various apparent and hidden implication of this on the platform. They also discuss the topic of digital rights management touch on the legal framework around the topic, its various forms and a couple of good and bad examples of it. They close off the episode by discussing various online scams, covering a more prominent recent example of the religious police baiting people using pornographic pictures in order to arrest them.

The original story: http://www.makkahnewspaper.com/makkahNews/loacal/143861#.Vj37u7_ROLP.

An English version of the story: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/variety/2015/11/06/-Honey-trap-Saudi-religious-police-used-porn-to-lure-suspects.html.