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Video Games in our lives – العاب الفديو في حياتنا

Abdulmalik sits down with Mohammed Fahad, his longtime friend, and our guest on this episode, to talk about video games in their lives, and how it shaped them to the individuals they are today.

 عبدالملك يجلس مع محمد فهد, صديقه المقرب, و ضيفنا في هذه الحلقة, و يتكلم الأثنين عن العاب الفديو في حياتهم, و كيف ساعدت في تشكيلهم كأشخاص في يومنا الحديث.

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Inside – Resogun – Uncharted 4 – No Man’s Sky – Deus Ex Mankind Divided – Deus Ex – Nioh – The Witness  – Metal Gear Survive – Dark Souls 3 – Final Fantasy XV – Parasite Eve – Metal Gear Solid – Castlevania – Gran Tourismo 2 – Resident Evil 1 – Castlevania 4 – Resident Evil 4 –  Soul Reaver

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